Big Game Species Hunts in BC

Big Game Species Hunted in British Columbia

Mountain Goat

90% of the World’s entire population of Mountain Goats are found in the mountains of BC and our guiding territory is home to some of the most productive goat habitat in the province. Read More

Black Bear Hunt

Our black bear hunts are all spot and stalk and have been 100% opportunity for years. If a big black bear is what you are looking for then spring is the time to come up to Northern BC.  Read More

Grizzly Bear Hunt

Our guiding territory is home to an impressive population of grizzlies, but they are elusive and require patience to hunt successfully. They are truly a once in a lifetime trophy. Read More

Trophy Moose Hunt

We offer quality hunts for Canadian Moose with very good success rates. The average antler spread of our moose is 45-55 inches with the occasional one reaching 60 inches. Read More

Mountain Caribou

It is our preference to hunt caribou in combination with other species on backcountry horseback hunt. All caribou harvested must be 5 points or better to ensure trophy quality. Read More

Meat Moose Hunt

Looking to fill your freezer full of the best meat you can possibly imagine? Then this is the hunt for you. This hunt is guided 2 on 1 and each hunter must harvest the first legal bull. Read More

Winter Wolf & Trapline

Most of the year wolves can be hunted and during our spring and fall hunts wolves can be hunted at no extra charge as long as you have purchased a wolf tag. Read More